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Tom did a great job of helping me and those in my class learn not only the basics of firearms, but the importance in how you view your weapon…as a means to an end.  He helped me formulate a philosophy of handling the weapon and the information I learned was very valuable for day to day concealed carry.  Tom was very educated on the topic and offered his knowledge and expertise openly.  Even months later, Tom has continued to be a resource for us, coaching us on handling, shooting, and when/where it is appropriate to carry.

Sean N.


I want to highly recommend Tom Taylor and Mile High Handgun Training as a trainer for handguns. I went through the class with Tom and he carefully and articulately communicated the necessary information to help me understand the privilege and responsibility of owning and using a handgun. His knowledge of guns is exceptional and yet, he can explain it in a way that anyone can understand. He is a skilled sharpshooter and takes the time to make sure you are improving in your skills as a shooter as well. If you are looking for an excellent learning experience as you seek to get your gun permit, Tom is your guy!

John Z


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the Advance Pistol class.  The information you presented was thorough and the practical application was invaluable.  Your advice and coaching combined with the live fire exercises were excellent.  I would highly recommend the class to anyone who plans to carry a firearm and takes seriously their right to protect themselves and those they care about.  I believe your classes are essential for a responsibly armed citizen.

Mike M


I want to thank you again for a great class. Your presentation was outstanding. You covered different situations that make you think about the responsibility of carrying a gun and defensive shooting. I learned a lot

Dan W


I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend your Handgun Safety Class. I found the class to be very informative and your teaching style was very professional, yet open to questions. All the material was very clearly presented and well explained.

Annie B.


I've taken a couple pistol classes from Mile High Handgun Training and couldn't be more pleased.  The Colorado Concealed Carry II class consisted of interactive Q&A with our instructor Tom in the morning as we worked through a study guide.  He fielded questions related to concealed carry but kept it informal enough answering just about any firearms questions that came up.   We spent the afternoon at an outdoor shooting range "rain or shine" and on this particular December day, snow and cold!  But Tom was prepared with a portable canopy tent, tables, chairs, and several targets for us to shoot at.  Oh, and did I mention the two tall propane heaters to warm us up?  Nice touch Tom!   I learned a lot and got to shoot my pistol a lot.  For those without their own firearm, Tom brought several to try out.

I followed up in January with another class.  The Advanced Pistol class was very much a hands-on all day outing at the outdoor range. We practiced various shooting drills from holster, draw, concealment, reloading, malfunction clearing, strong hand, weak hand, shooting while moving, from behind barriers, and simulated scenarios.  We took short breaks in between for coaching instruction before moving on to the next drill.  Tom wasn't shy about correcting my mistakes or making suggestions and I appreciate that in an instructor.  This is much harder than simple shooting at an indoor range but well worth the effort. I learned a lot and learned that I need much more real-world practice.

These classes were awesome and I plan to take a few more!

Abe C


Thoroughly enjoyed the information learned from the Basic Pistol class.  As a new shooter the course material was presented in a very professional and easy to understand manner.  Not only was the class room teaching very informative, but the teaching time at the range really helped me progress as a shooter.  Looking forward to taking the Defensive Pistol classes.

Brian M